A Song of Ice & Fire – Targaryen Heroes 2 (Helden von Haus Targaryen 2) – DE/EN/ES/FR

36,90  sis alv

  • 4 Miniatures
  • 1 Unit Cards
  • 4 Attachment Cards
  • 1 Movement Tray

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Bodyguard, Companion, Brother. Sharing short of everything in life, Bloodriders follow their Khal even in death. In Targaryen Heroes 2 brings the followers of Khal Drogo and Daenerys to the Battlefield both as Attachments and as a Unit!

Tactical Points

  • The Drogo’s Bloodriders Unit is a very fast and heavy hitter that can face near any opponent head on! They may only be fielded if Khal Drogo is Attached to their unit though.
  • All the Attachments in this box grant the “Bloodrider” Ability protecting the Unit from becoming Weakened, allowing you to not worry about losing your offensive impact!
  • Use each Attachment to turn your Screamers and Outriders into elite cavalry units.

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