Masters of the Universe Origins Ground Ripper + Mekanek

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  • MOTU is back for a whole new generation of fans!
  • Collection of 5.5-in action figures includes He-Man, Skeletor and lots more fan favorites for storytelling fun and display
  • Figures are highly posable with 16 working joints
  • Longtime fans will appreciate the retro-style packaging and the mini MOTU comic book that comes with each figure!

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Mekanek was originally tagged by Mattel as the ‘Heroic human periscope’. He is a member of the Heroic Warriors, with the ability to stretch his bionic neck to great heights and see over great distances with his special visors. He is therefore one of the main spies for the Heroic Warriors.


Mekanek, a prominent character in the Masters of the Universe (MOTU) franchise, has long captivated toy collectors and fans alike with his unique abilities and intriguing design. Debuting in 1983 as part of the iconic line of action figures produced by Mattel, Mekanek was introduced as a heroic warrior with the ability to extend his neck, granting him incredible reconnaissance capabilities. This unusual yet fascinating feature has made Mekanek a standout character in the MOTU universe, and a prized possession for toy collectors.

Fictional history

Mekanek, born as the mortal Orrus on the planet Eternia, was a noble warrior who suffered a grave injury in a battle against the evil forces of Skeletor. Rescued by Man-At-Arms, Eternia’s master inventor and weaponsmith, Orrus was given cybernetic enhancements to replace his damaged body parts. As a result, Mekanek was born, with the extraordinary ability to stretch his neck up to several times its original length. This mechanical advantage made him a valuable asset to He-Man and the other Masters of the Universe in their ongoing battle against evil.


The Mekanek action figure itself is a remarkable example of 1980s toy engineering. Standing at 5.5 inches tall, the figure boasts an innovative action feature, allowing the neck to extend by rotating a dial on the character’s waist. This unique mechanism has captured the imaginations of children and collectors alike for decades. Mekanek is adorned in a striking red and silver armor, with a removable helmet that reveals his human face. His stoic facial expression and determined gaze reflect the spirit of a true warrior.

Over the years, Mekanek has appeared in various media adaptations of the MOTU franchise, including the 1980s Filmation animated series, the 2002 Mike Young Productions reboot, and comic book series by DC Comics. While his role has varied in these different adaptations, Mekanek’s distinctive look and abilities have remained consistent, further cementing his status as a fan-favorite character.

As a toy collector and expert in Masters of the Universe history, I can attest to the enduring appeal of Mekanek. This character’s intriguing backstory, captivating design, and innovative action feature have made him a sought-after piece for toy enthusiasts. Mekanek is not only a symbol of the creativity and ingenuity of the 1980s toy industry, but he also serves as a reminder of the power of imagination and the magic of the Masters of the Universe universe.

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