Masters of the Universe Battleground

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Starter Set components:

1x Game board
1x Rule book
1x Battleground book
10x Dice
2x Rulers
40x terrain accessories
227x cards
108x assorted tokens

1x He-Man™ Miniature
1x Man-At-Arms™ Miniature
1x Stratos™ Miniature
1x Orko™ Miniature
1x Ram Man™ Miniature
1x Skeletor™ Miniature
1x Evil-Lyn™ Miniature
1x Trap Jaw™ Miniature
1x Mer-Man™ Miniature
1x Tri-Klops™ Miniature

All elements come unpainted and unassembled and may require trimming and cleaning before assembly.

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Experience fast, action-packed battles with the Masters of the Universe: Battleground miniature game, based on the beloved ‘Classics’ toy series. Pick He-Man’s or Skeletor’s faction and compete with a second player to control the power of Eternia. Gear yourself up with various weapons and magical items, use the terrain in your favor. An innovative activation system and numerous character build combinations will make each game unique and exciting.

Archon Studios:


  • Unite all-time favorite characters at your command with either He-Man as your leader or Skeletor as the ruthless commander!
  • The walls will tremble while the forces of good and evil clash! Starter Set comes with easy-to-use terrain that is integrated into the gameplay!
  • You are in charge of your characters and decide what weapons, spells and trinkets are coming to Battleground. It’s all about master strategy!
  • Every game is played on equal terms for both players thanks to carefully tested and prepared Battleground. None of the players have an advantage thanks to the terrain setup regardless of your map choice.
  • Ready for some competition? The game comes with integrated tourney rules and special awards! Every so often we will release FLGS-only miniatures available only as competition prizes!
  • Every battle is driven by strategy, courage, and fate itself – especially in Eternia. Your heroes will act differently each time you activate them to take your opponent by surprise!

Due to the low availability of materials because of the COVID19 situation, the first print of the game is limited.

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