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BB345 Kyoui Gundam F91(Japanese VER.)

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Experience a unique, playful construction experience with a stunning result that doesn’t require glue or paint. Recreate your favorite Gundam in a Chibi style (the model measures 7 cm and is built in about half an hour). Assemble, thus, BB345 KYOUI GUNDAM F91(JAPANESE VER.), and recreate the epic poses thanks to these many points of articulations.

– The wandering swordsman, Kyou-i Gundam F91!

– Comes with variety of weapons such as the Shield of Flames [Homura no tate] and the Spear of Sharp Edge [Eisennsou]. The spear can be equipped with the shoulder clear parts to become the Wing of Flames [Enyoku].

– The armor parts can be combined to become the [stage of Enkirin]

– Can become the mysterious Zaku mode with the Zaku mask.

– Kyou-I Gandum F91: Came from the far west of Mirisha, a young warrior born in Ryoushuu . Rumored to be a mixed blood with a foreign race. A warrior surrounded in mysteries.