A Song of Ice & Fire – Ironmakers (Eisenmacher) – DE/EN/ES/FR

36,90  sis alv

  • 12 Miniatures
  • 1 Unit Card
  • 1 Movement Tray

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With their heavy scale armor overlaying a thick suit of boiled leather, Ironmakers are as heavily armored as any shore raider could get. As they gain pillage tokens, their defenses get even more resilient as they pay the Iron Price for their armor once they reach the battle.

Tactical Points: 

  • Ironmakers gain better defense values as they acquire pillage tokens. Try to gain these quickly to make them nearly impenetrable in battle.
  • With their Great Hammer Ability, the Ironmakers can make defenders Weakened. This helps Ironmakers maintain their defensive fighting style even without Pillage tokens.

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