A Song of Ice & Fire – Greyjoy Heroes 1 (Helden von Haus Graufreud 1) – DE/EN/ES/FR

36,90  sis alv

  • 7 Miniatures
  • 9 Attachment Cards
  • 3 NCU Cards
  • 24 Tactic Cards

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Captains of notorious ships, Harbingers of looting and pillaging, harsh warriors and mad men. These are the Greyjoy Heroes.

This box brings a large variety of additional play styles and list building options for the Greyjoy army with new Attachments, Commanders and NCUs.

Tactical Points: 

  • Theon adds mobility to the Greyjoys, making it easier to reach your opponent before they reach you.
  • Erik Ironmaker is a great choice for players who wish to gain more pillage tokens even whithout destroying enemy ranks.
  • Qarl and Nute both synergize with Asha and Victarion respectively.
  • Be careful when adding Euron to your army! His very powerful abilities all come with certain risks or drawbacks.

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